Madame Davina - Featured Reader

Madame Davina Divination was founded in 2016 in the Umpqua Mountains in the beautiful state of Oregon. Madame Davina’s tarot reading journey began in 2013 after finally picking up a tarot deck that had been sitting untouched on her shelves for years. The images came to life as Davina saw major themes and archetypes coming together to tell a personal story. She was hooked and sought out whatever reading materials and classes she could access on the art of reading tarot cards.

After stumbling upon a farmer’s market in a town she had just moved to, Davina started chatting with the manager, and two weeks later, she set up a booth, reading cards. In the summer of 2016, it became clear to Davina that she wanted to continue reading professionally and try to reach more people. Her mission is to make spiritual healing and growth accessible through divination. Madame Davina sees herself as a steward to help those seeking guidance from their spiritual court.

Come and see what’s in your cards with a tarot reading from Madame Davina.