Julie Losole - Owner of The Crystal Passage

Hello! My name is Julie Losole, and I’m the owner of The Crystal Passage. For 30 years, I was the G.M. of my family’s restaurant, Lo Sole Mio. During covid, I couldn’t handle being at home and decided to start my own bookkeeping business (which I still have for now). In June this last year, my parents decided it was time to retire. Leaving me without that sense of fulfillment, and once again, I felt something was missing. I had this yearning for something more. More fulfilling, more enjoyable!

You see, I had dreamed of owning my own crystal shop ever since I was a kid. Some very dear friends of mine happened to stumble across this location and reached out to me. Begging me to go look at it. I reluctantly came and looked at it and instantly fell in love with the spot. I felt it was just what Downtown Omaha was missing—a place filled with good energy in one of the most magical buildings in the Old Market. So, after a few nights of tossing, turning, and contemplating my current life, I decided why not go for it! That was the birth of this dream of mine.

I knew instantly I wanted to be different from all the other shops in town. I wanted to stand out. Carry items that the others don’t. Items such as charcuterie plates, coffee cups, cake plates, picture frames, and other small household items. Items that make great wedding, bridal shower, birthday, or holiday gifts. I also wanted to have some of the “traditional” metaphysical items. So I set out to find the perfect combination of both and have found a good balance. My daughter Jessie and I spent months curating pieces and picking out some of our favorites to have here. The boxes started to pile up, and the store started to come together. It all started to feel real, finally!

After a few months of settling into our space and getting things organized, I can truly say I finally created my happy place. We are here to teach, support, and aid in self-help. To build a strong community of people looking for a new way to heal and grow. We invite you to come in and take a look for yourself! Our goal is to help educate you about the properties of stones as well as give you new ways to bring good energy into your home. I hope you feel the good energy we feel here as you walk through the threshold into our dream!