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I have always loved divination from a young age along side my spiritual upbringing with my Lakota/Dakota family. Today as a Psychic Medium and Energy Healer; I use my cards as a tool to tell your story, get answers and connect...

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Moontravlers Oracle Readings

Being a reader was always in my cards, I just didn't know it. I was openly reading and channeling family and friends for a couple of years after moving back to Omaha in 2014. I became aware I needed something to help steer and direct the downloading for a clearer interpretation...

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Madame Davina

Madame Davina’s tarot reading journey began in 2013 after finally picking up a tarot deck that had been sitting untouched on her shelves for years. The images came to life as Davina saw major themes and archetypes coming together to tell a personal story...

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Papa Newt

I am Papa Newt, an ethical, professional rootworker, sorcerer, and diviner in Omaha, NE. My religious upbringing was Catholic, and my interest in other spiritual practices began at a young age. Seeing spirits and having spiritual experiences indeed helped lead me on my journey...

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